Why I’m Running

My name is Debbie Bovee and I am a proud Wyoming native. My late husband, Harold, and I raised two wonderful children here. They both live and work in Casper and are raising my grandchildren here. Though recently retired, I have worked for the past 39 years as a teacher in Guernsey, Torrington and Casper. I decided to pursue the House District 36 seat because I believe the voters deserve another option on the ballot. During the last legislative session, when so many important votes were cast that affect people’s lives, current Representative Gerald Gay failed to show up. The people of House District 36 deserve a representative who will listen to their concerns and take them to Cheyenne and I know I can do that.

I care so much about Wyoming and about the issues that so many of us find important. Wyoming is at a crossroads, our working families are being asked to do more with less. We need to invest in what is unique to Wyoming – our people, our schools, our communities and our wide-open spaces – and build an economy that works for everyone.

Here are some of my stances on key issues facing Wyoming:

1.) I support the oil and gas industry. I understand how much they contribute to Wyoming’s economy. However, I also believe in strengthening and growing our economy by making sure we provide diverse economic opportunities for both men and women in the equality state.

2) My family enjoys many outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and fishing that this state offers. We are vested in this state. Protecting our state’s public lands and keeping them in public hands in paramount to ensuring that our families can enjoy the beautiful and vast outdoors of Wyoming for generations to come.

3) After 39 years of teaching I know firsthand how important adequately funding our education system is. I believe all of our citizens deserve access to good schools, pre-school through post-secondary. Wyoming has historically supported our public education programs, making our schools some of the best in the nation, at the end of the day cutting funding to education hurts not only our children but it hurts our state.

4)  I believe in expanding our Medicare and Medicaid programs to provide access to healthcare for Natrona County families, seniors and veterans and in return we would not only be saving lives but also our jobs and hospitals.

When elected as the Representative for House District 36 I pledge to be responsible, responsive and respectful. Meaning I believe in a strong work ethic and plan to attend and actively participate during the legislative session and meetings. I want all of my constituents to know that I will consider their expressed viewpoint and am available to talk about the issues they may face in this hard time. Finally, I believe in mutual respect, despite differing opinions.

Contact Me

Debbie Bovee

4067 E 14th St.

Casper, WY 82609